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    Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Our Process

Our process begins by getting in touch with you and scheduling a home consultation to talk about your project aspirations, budget and design ideas. We will begin the project once we have made all the required selections and preparations. Xpres will make every effort to satisfy your demands, and we know you'll love your new space. The greatest advantage of having your kitchen refaced is that you will be able to appreciate its new appearance every morning as you begin your day and every evening as you prepare dinner.


Design Meeting

Meet with our expert kitchen designer to look at cabinet refacing and refurbishing options.



Your designer will draft up a proposal to explain the scope of work and set a timeline to get your updates complete.



A team of Xpres craftsmen will come out to your home to begin installation.


Enjoy Your Kitchen

Enjoy the new look of your kitchen for years to come.

Why Reface or Restyle?

Frequently, owners who desire a fresh appearance for their kitchen replace their cabinets that are still structurally sound. If you like the way your kitchen is set up now, but you're sick of the way your cabinets look, or make the room feel, refacing could be the solution for you. For considerably less than that of an entire new kitchen, you may enhance your kitchen by selecting from a choice of door types, woods, finishes, and hardware. All of these selections come together to give you a brand new look with a less intrusive remodel.

The largest portion of your kitchen cabinets that is displayed is its doors. There’s no need to replace the entire cabinet when only the visible portions of your cabinets need repair or updating. Your current kitchen cabinets will look to be brand-new, high-end custom cabinets when the existing cabinet frames are enameled, new wood doors attached, crown molding hung and new hardware installed. The opportunities are endless when it comes to a restyle.

Benefits of Refacing and Restyling

Refacing and restyling your cabinets is advantageous for several reasons. The price of refinishing cabinets could be around half that of buying new ones. Refacing your cabinets not only makes the process quicker and less messy, but it can also let you keep your current kitchen layout. Plus, it is also environmentally friendly! Refacing avoids more trees from being chopped down to manufacture new cabinets and keeps cabinet boxes out of the landfills. Overall, cabinet refacing may help you save money, maintain your layout, protect the environment, and provide you with a wide range of options.

Meet with a Designer