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PVC decking is the newest decking material and is a solid option with high durability, no water absorption, and up to a 50 year fade and stain warranty. It requires almost no maintenance but all these great features make it one of the most expensive options

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Drink Rail Caps

Composite decking has become a very popular option for those who want a wood look with less maintenance. The boards are made of a combination of recycled wood fiber and plastic to give superior strength and durability. Although more expensive than the alternatives many brands of composite have great warranties, are easier to clean and have features like hidden fasteners for a cleaner install.

Linear Park
The Modern
Port Imperial
Villa Impertal
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Treated and Natural Wood Decking

The original and most common material for decking. Pressure treated wood decking gives you an original natural look with at a lower price point but also requires a bit more upkeep. Natural wood decks should be cleaned and sealed every other year for the most longevity.

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